Hotwire’s little deception

Imagine if you were reserving a hotel room and saw this option:

Screenshot 2016-05-23 22.01.10

Notice at the bottom it say “Your selected bed type is guaranteed.”

So imagine how I felt when I checked into a Holiday Inn, after selecting the two bed option, only to be told that we get only one king bed.

Surely there must be some mistake.  But Hotwire confirmed twice that even though you can select your preference of bed types, they won’t actually guarantee it.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 22.04.09

I even paid a few dollars more for the option to have two beds. And had I known this tricky practice of Hotwire, I’d have gone to Travelocity or another hotel directly instead, where I can be sure that I get two beds when I select the option for two beds.

Shame on you, Hotwire, for misleading frequent travelers like me– and then doubling down on your mistake by not being willing to acknowledge or fix it.

At least change what’s on the site to say “You can select your preference, but we can’t guarantee bed type, even though we’re charging you different prices for different options.”

Here is my receipt, by the way, which also shows two beds.

Screenshot 2016-05-21 01.59.48.png

The first screenshot, by the way, was from another booking– sometimes you get to choose how many beds and sometimes you don’t.  But if they do let you choose, then definitely they should honor it.

Social media is so powerful that brands who attempt to play such tricks will get lambasted by consumers. There are too many review sites now to engage in misleading practices. Let’s see if there is someone who cares at Hotwire.

POSTSCRIPT: after going round and round with Hotwire, they have stood by their initial response that bed types are not guaranteed, even though the screen clearly says it is.


7 thoughts on “Hotwire’s little deception

  1. Hi there.

    I worked for one of the big online travel sites for several years and this is very much an industry standard. You will never have bedding type guaranteed when you purchase through a third party provider. If bedding is important to you, or any amenity, then I would suggest you always go directly with the hotel or with the hotel chain.


  2. Hotwire PR folks– you are welcome to reply here if you wish to reverse your position. Until then, we understand that you’re adamant about your position here– that this is how you operate and you won’t make exceptions.

    These are deceptive business practices, even if they’re “industry standard” or profitable.


  3. Dennis,

    Thanks for exposing this Hotwire practice. This same situation happened to me. I’ve been using Hotwire for several years, but this is the last time. Definitely deceptive — especially when they list on the confirmation “your selected bed type is guaranteed.”

    I have contacted my state attorney general and filed a complaint.

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  4. Just fell victim to this and am engaged in back and forth with Hotwire. It’s beyond deceptive, it’s fraud. A guarantee is made. A premium for two beds is (often) paid. The confirmation letter says two beds but Hotwire help center just stick to their scripts and offer nothing when you show up and the hotel only provide one bed.

    Fortunately, my hotel in Miami Beach agreed with me and have given me a room with two queen beds. Initially they were going to charge me an extra $40 per night but now they aren’t. My concern is I have three more Hotwire bookings on this trip and they are standing by that they are standing by their line that they are no longer guaranteeing two beds in any of my upcoming stays.

    It’s scummy and after using Hotwire, among other aggregators, for at least a decade, I will definitely never use them again.


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