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Geoff Bartlett is Still a Good Man

Even after his off-leash pit bull attacked Logan and me in our own apartment, he tried to make things right.

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Geoff Bartlett running into my residence, attempting to intervene as his pit bull attacks two people and a puppy.

He could have sat in his apartment when his child said the dog was attacking us. Instead, he ran over to help.

While I took Logan to the emergency room for his bite wounds and my bruised hand, Geoff drove Logan’s puppy to the vet to treat the puncture wounds on her neck. He could have just blamed us for the incident.

He was worried his kid would feel immense guilt from letting the dog run off the leash and into our place, just as Logan was opening the door to go to church for Easter Sunday.

However, the kid is too young to handle a killing machine that is so strong that grown men couldn’t pry his locked jaws off Sydney’s neck. It’s not the little kid’s fault for wanting such a cool animal or attempting to keep it as a pet.

The truly guilty party is the apartment complex, Parkway Lofts, for being negligent about their dog policy. They allowed this aggressive dog to live in a multi-family complex, even after multiple neighbors complained about the animal.

Geoff clearly loves his pit bull and family dearly. Like most owners of such dogs, he insists the dog has never been vicious or attacked anyone, since he is so gentle around his own family.

Mr. Bartlett is now famous after making the top story on KSL’s evening news. The public outrage from this story convinced him to relinquish control to Animal Services, even though he legally could have just kept the dog without even a write-up.

He agrees that Utah law is wrong, since it allows negligent dog owners to keep their dogs even after a vicious attack (unlike other states).

We hope he can teach other dog owners the importance of training their pets and using a leash, no matter how sweet Geoff and other pit owners insist their dogs are.

Geoff is an excellent accounting professor at UVU and is also well liked by his students at Drake University, where he taught in the business school before moving to Utah.

He’s a good man who is clearly negligent, tried to do the right thing at first, and is now running from the situation.  His behavior, even if outside the classroom, still reflects upon UVU.


Perhaps he was given bad advice by a well-meaning friend to hide his dog and to avoid talking to anyone (for fear of lawsuit). But it’s the insult to injury that is getting him in more trouble and aggravating the emotional and physical trauma of the attack.

Here is my roommate going into seizure for 20 seconds because of the shock.

I have PTSD and have flashbacks 200 times each day and night– helpless and terrified from the attack. We’ve had to cancel meetings because of this, and Geoff is only making it worse.

Emergency room bills are a lot for most anyone to handle, so we hope Geoff is willing to respond to my messages, since he did agree to cover our bills and help file an insurance claim.

The very thing that got him in trouble in the first place is what’s adding insult to injury. Harboring a pit bull without the apartment people knowing, and then not being honest when asked about it.

He thought he could get away with it the fist time (and he was able to pull it off for a few months). And he thinks his tactic will work again now that he’s caused injury to two people and a puppy.


Hotwire’s little deception

Imagine if you were reserving a hotel room and saw this option:

Screenshot 2016-05-23 22.01.10

Notice at the bottom it say “Your selected bed type is guaranteed.”

So imagine how I felt when I checked into a Holiday Inn, after selecting the two bed option, only to be told that we get only one king bed.

Surely there must be some mistake.  But Hotwire confirmed twice that even though you can select your preference of bed types, they won’t actually guarantee it.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 22.04.09

I even paid a few dollars more for the option to have two beds. And had I known this tricky practice of Hotwire, I’d have gone to Travelocity or another hotel directly instead, where I can be sure that I get two beds when I select the option for two beds.

Shame on you, Hotwire, for misleading frequent travelers like me– and then doubling down on your mistake by not being willing to acknowledge or fix it.

At least change what’s on the site to say “You can select your preference, but we can’t guarantee bed type, even though we’re charging you different prices for different options.”

Here is my receipt, by the way, which also shows two beds.

Screenshot 2016-05-21 01.59.48.png

The first screenshot, by the way, was from another booking– sometimes you get to choose how many beds and sometimes you don’t.  But if they do let you choose, then definitely they should honor it.

Social media is so powerful that brands who attempt to play such tricks will get lambasted by consumers. There are too many review sites now to engage in misleading practices. Let’s see if there is someone who cares at Hotwire.

POSTSCRIPT: after going round and round with Hotwire, they have stood by their initial response that bed types are not guaranteed, even though the screen clearly says it is.